Your breath is sacred, notice it often...

Letting your breath be a familiar anchor in times of uncertainty and difficulty is like creating a life long friend inside yourself. Coming back to the metronome like quality of the breath is often enough to diffuse the hot house of your emotions.

Depth of life comes from our capacity to sit courageously inside of ourselves,  to lean into our discomfort until it softens is a practice that can enrich our lives on so many levels.  Our yoga practice teaches us how to create compassionate dialogue with mind, body and soul - This to me is the essence of the yoga practice.

Welcome friends.

Check out a sneak peak, This book is an essential manual for Yoga Teachers and trainees alike to learn how to practice safe, effective and intelligent Yoga assists. Through compassionate yet clear boundaries, you will learn how to touch your students in a way that deepens their experience and their Self-knowledge. This book is a trail guide through which you will develop a foundation of safe structure, which will, in turn, support your creative and intuitive teaching. Wendy and Allie bring decades of experience as teachers and teacher trainees to the writing of this book. In a time where we are more apprehensive than ever to touch, Allie and Wendy offer a step-by-step guide to creating an ethical and nurturing sanctuary within your classes. Buy your copy here -

Every where you go, there you areā€¦ Practice with me from wherever you roam.