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Muskoka Yoga Festival

This workshop is designed to use the body as a way to understand the deeper layers of ourselves by connecting with the subtle energies of the elements within us.

The “Vayus” are the experience of energy rising within us. We will work with the Chakra (energy center) and the Vayu associated with each element as a way for us to understand the body physically, energetically and spiritually.

EARTH YOGA SEQUENCES offer us primal foundation, solidity, and a sense of coming home to oneself. Earth movement practices are slow, steady and stabilizing. Restorative postures ground, hip openers expand and lunar circular movements create balance.

AIR YOGA SEQUENCES offer us expanding and radiating motion, transporting energy to all places where it can express itself. Air movement practices increase circulation within the lymphatic and nervous system. Heart openers liberate density and inspire freedom. You will learn how to create omni-directional, spontaneous, expressive, undulating and creative movement medicine.

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Earlier Event: March 29
Emotions and Essential oils
Later Event: July 15
Muskoka Yoga Festival