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Muskoka Yoga Festival

This workshop is designed to use the body as a way to understand the deeper layers of ourselves by connecting with the subtle energies of the elements within us.

The “Vayus” are the experience of energy rising within us. We will work with the Chakra (energy center) and the Vayu associated with each element as a way for us to understand the body physically, energetically and spiritually. Using the body as a way for us to understand the various layers of ourselves.

WATER YOGA SEQUENCES connect us to our internal creativity and fluidity. Water acts as both a carrier and an agent for change. Water movement practices create the connective flow between breath and movement. Circular, undulating, twisting and rhythmic movement patterns connect us to our own creative expression that brings harmony and balance to our life energy.

FIRE YOGA SEQUENCES create deep focus, clarity, courage, inner power, vitality and strength. Fire is the energy of purification, transformation and change. Twisting postures invigorate, purify and tone the core. Coiling energy and core cultivation is necessary to support and stabilize. The merging of WATER and FIRE energy manifests as spontaneity, balance, stability, strength and harmony which naturally brings quietness and balance to our minds and emotions.